Your Tiny, But Fierce, Nerdy, Unexpected Heroine


Hi!  I’m Sara Matsui-Colby (no relation to Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui) and I’m a Japanese American bilingual actress.  If you’re a fan of indie films, you may know me as the Japanese speaking waitress in East Side Sushi (winner of 12 Film Festival awards), and if you’re a Sacramento local, you may know me from the many Elk Grove Automall commercials on tv and radio, or from the short documentary, A Neighborhood Lost: Sacramento’s Japantown.

My first name in Japanese is the kanji character, 更, which loosely translates to mean new and more.  And how perfect it is!  I love learning new things and that’s one of the reasons why I love acting.  With each role I’m learning something new and even when I do play the same role, like Prince Escalus in Romeo and Juliet (twice!), there’s always more to learn and new things to discover in the character when revisited.  

Besides acting, I love playing my shamisen.  The shamisen was a wedding present to my mother when she left Japan to be with my father in the U.S, but she never learned to play since there were no teachers where we lived.  Then about three years ago while I was training in Noh and Kyogen theater at Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco, I was asked to learn the shamisen for a new play they were going to perform.  I fell in love with it and I have been playing ever since.

In addition to music, I also enjoy boxing, swimming, working out at the gym on the TRX, and most recently, running.  In fact, one of my personal goals for 2017 is to run my first 5K at the Run for Courage race that helps support Courage House which are homes for children who had been rescued from sex trafficking.


But enough about me, I’d love to get to know you!  Let’s connect and collaborate!


Mariane (played adorably by Sara Matsui-Colby)” – Sierra Lodestar’s [July 2, 2014 edition]  Tartuffe – Main Street Theatre Works

(Jackson, CA)

“…captivating…” – The Davis Enterprise [November 6, 2013] The Miser – Woodland Opera House (Woodland, CA)

“I also enjoyed the Japanese voice acting quite a bit. All four main characters (including the voice of the AI [Sara Matsui-Colby]) are distinct and a pleasure to listen to.” – Anime Reviews (Exaella)

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