Let’s Kickstart 2017 fellow actors with a solid game plan!!  I’ve made a list of all my friends, classes, and resources to help you make the new year the best year for your career!

WordPress Web design

While IMDB is great, it doesn’t tell potential collaborators or clients who you are or what it would be like to work with you.  Having a website is a great way to express who you are besides being an actor.  You also get to control what your audience sees.  And the best thing is, you don’t need anything complicated or flashy.  Wordpress is a great way to do it and if you don’t know where or how to start, checkout my friend, Mark Gonzales’s work, and he can set you up with a clean and simple WordPress website that will get you noticed.  And since Mark is also a talented actor, he understands what you need for it and for a very reasonable price.


Social Media

Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll soon find that more and more big auditions like the CBS Diversity auditions are asking for your social media handles. Don’t worry though if you don’t know what or how to use it to your advantage.  My friend Scott Ragle is a great actor and director AND he teaches classes on social media at Voice One.  Check out when his next class is or contact him on Twitter.


Marketing classes at Voice One

If you’re in the Bay Area, Voice One has a great class on business and marketing for you, especially for voice actors.  They also have a wide variety of on-camera and voice acting classes as well as workshops with casting directors and talent agents who will give you all the important info you need on how to build an acting career.



And if you’re looking for a personal branding/leadership stylist to help you figure out what your brand is, you’ll definitely want to work with the amazing Joui Turandot.  Joui really helped me figure out who I really was not only as an actor, but also as a person.  Figuring out what my brand was has really opened my eyes to my potential than never before and I got a complete make-over and amazing headshots.  Thanks to Joui, I’m more confident, strong, and focused on my career.

And if you’re not in the bay, you can check out these great courses online.  Here they are from the least expensive to the most.

Self-Management for Actors with Bonnie Gillespie

Completely Free!  Sign up for Get In Gear for the New Year 11 Day Training  and you’ll get daily actions to help you prep for 2017, like understanding your fears and how to overcome them, and understanding how your look and headshots are perceived by others.  I just found out about this training series yesterday.  It’s already day 3 so don’t miss out!  You can totally catch up – I did.  Just join the group, SMFA or follow on twitter and ask if someone could forward to previous emails because you’ll only get the email for the next day.  Emails go out 12am PST.


Social Discover Me with Amy Jo Berman

Amy Jo Berman is a former casting director for HBO and she has a lot of different classes covering everything from marketing to auditions.  Her classes are really great for those who just need to be told what to do and just need someone to point the way.  The Social Discover Me is a quick series of classes that explains different social media platforms and the do’s and don’ts. However, if you need a little more than just being told what to do, like maybe a template for how to engage your target audience, then you might like this next online course.


Actor’s Business Blueprint and 38 day Rep Race with Dallas Travers

If Amy’s classes were just a point in a direction, Dallas Travers’ classes will give you an actual road map for your career goals.  Her classes teach you how to make your career goals specific and how to create a target list of CDs, Agents, etc for your goal, and also how not to overwhelm yourself.  She breaks down each step so you can finally run your business smoothly without ever needing to wonder ‘Is there something I can be doing?’  It’s a great roadmap with templates to help you formulate letters, postcards, and other marketing materials and the 38 day rep race will help you figure out the best way to get agents to take a look at your materials!  This is perhaps the best for actors who just need a little more instruction on how to initiate contact and how to form business relationships.  There’s even a section on how use workshops to your advantage as well as networking without the unpleasantness.  Being an introverted actor, I found her classes pretty helpful.  And if you’re on the fence, they’ll give you a call so you can talk to them more about the program and see if it’s really right for you.


Actor’s Fast Track with Valorie Hubbard

The most expensive of all the classes, but you will be getting a personal guide to help you all the way with coaching calls and a personal career planning session that will be customized to your very specific goals, needs, and wants.  Actor’s Fast Track has 3 different programs that are from 6months or 1 year and they were developed by working actor Valorie Hubbard.  It’s the most interactive and most ‘hands on’.  There are payment plans so you don’t have to panic and you can talk to Valorie to make sure if one of her programs would be right for you.  This is a really really great course for those who are really ready to make that leap into the big leagues.